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Grant Co-ordinator Joey Majors

Joey is newer to the rescue scene.  He started volunteering for FFP and has considerable knowledge working on grants and wanted to help the animals by working towards raising funds for the rescue.  Joey loves to spend time with his kids and working on his family farm.

Co Founder/Finance Office-Angie Webster

Angie is the co founder of FFP and has spent countless hours working for the animals in our care. Angie now enjoys spending more time with her grand babies but does a ton of work behind the scenes for the animals in our care.

Co founder/President- Kellie Borgman

Kellie Riley-Borgman is the co founder/President of Friends for Paws and has been a foster since the day we started.  She is a mom to her son Riley who has been involved with animal rescue since FFP started at the age of 4.  

Adoption/Foster Co-ordinator Kara Taylor

Kara joined FFP in 2022 but isn't new to the rescue scene.  She has worked with other rescues and loves to spend time with all her animals including her husband. She works on making sure all of our animals go to the right forever homes.  

Friends for Paws Board of Directors

Marketting Co ordinator-Patty Lovins

Patty has spend many years fostering with multiple organizations and volunteering many hours with rescues.  She has spent countless hours working with non profits.  She now helps coordinate our fundraisers and fosters our baby kittens when able to.