Cinnamon and his whole litter were dumped in a cornfield during harvest in a half carrier. These little ones were so lucky.  The farmers saw them before they were hit with a tractor.  The famers brought the kittens to us.  Cinnamon was so sick but quickly rebounded.  He is now living in a forever loving home.  His whole litter were adopted quickly and we couldn't be more happy.  

Hooch was abused and possibly used for dog fighting. He was dumped, scared and alone in town limits of Pendleton. You can see the defeated look in his eyes on the left. He had given up hope on humans.  He was adopted to a loving home and given the best till the end.  His eyes were full of life and hope in the right.  Rescue dogs never forget and will forever be grateful

Each one of our animals comes in with a story.  It may be heartbreaking, it may be inspiring but each animal leaves a paw print on our hearts.  Here are a few stories of some of FFP's pups & kittens.  

‚Äč"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever"

-Karen Davison

Friends for Paws Current & Former adoptables.  We always try to be a part of the happily ever after and stay in touch

Ovid was dumped in the town of Ovid.  She was nothing but skin and bones and could barely stand.  A group of people stood with her till help could come to her.  We picked her up and got fluids and food in her to get her back on her feet.  She had nothing but love to give everyone.  She now lives happy and full of love on a farm with her family.  

Minnie was dumped as a senior dog.  She was blind, deaf and had dementia.  Instead of her family taking her to a vet to be euthanized surrounded by her family they chose to leave her on the side of the road in the county.  We were called and we were able to pick Minnie up.  She was so sweet and loving but quality of life was hard for her.  We loved her for weeks and took her for drives, walks, ice cream and just gave her lots of cuddles.  We were there for her when she crossed the rainbow bridge knowing she wasn't alone.

Max was dumped as a young pup in the Pendleton Park not long after we started. Max went to 3 foster homes but he was a hound dog and ORNERY!  Then one day a family decided he would fit in with their horses and young baby.  We had worried because max had already been let down but Max has grown into an old man along side his now teenage boy.  They are making memories together till the very end.  We are here to help find the forever happily ever after.  

Lexi was dumped as a puppy of roughly 11 months old.  The sheriffs dept found her and brought her to FFP.  It was later determined Lexi needed a double hip and knee replacement.  She was not adoptable.  Lexi is still with Friends for Paws 3 years later. Living a full life of camping with her brother and 4 legged siblings, pestering the cats and going on short hikes when her body feels up to it.  She will live her life with us till her body can no longer hold her upend give her quality of life.  

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Ivy and her litter were born as feral kittens.  The Pendleton Police called FFP to assist the home owner who owned the kittens mom's.  In all we picked up 15 kittens in one day and multiple large cats.  We fixed the big cats and returned them to the older gentleman which is what we call TNR (trap, neuter & return) Ivy and her brother Kenny were adopted by FFP's Presidents brother they were loved and they loved their dad so much.  Their dad was diabetic and needed a kidney and when he had a seizure or was not well, they would lay with him and try to comfort him. After their dad passed away Ivy and Kenny came back to us.  That's what we are here for.  Ivy went with a former FFP board member and is just as loved as she always has been.  Kenny is still with us as he is not a social butterfly.  When we adopt we are here for our families years later if something happens and have taken multiple animals whose owners have passed away.

George was one of our first cats to rescue after starting the rescue. At that time we were only rescuing dogs. George was thrown from a moving vehicle at the Pendleton Library and some kids picked him up and took him to a home who knew all about us.  We took George in and got him neutered and George was adopted by a family with a little girl who loved him till he grew old.  Georges family let us know that he recently crossed the rainbow bridge and we know he crossed knowing he was loved till the end.